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In today’s podcast, I get the amazing opportunity to chat with my friend, Network Marketing Professional and Leader of Team Fit Foundation, Kacia Fitzgerald. 

In this episode we dive head first into Kacia’s story about how she released all the “plans” she had for her life and started saying yes to what made her feel alive.  After moving across the country from Seattle to New York City to be with her boyfriend, Seena, as he started dental school at NYU, Kacia joined found herself rockin’ yet another AMAZING job title and position at Google, but still felt like she was meant for MORE. 

Kacia followed the breadcrumbs that appeared as she started getting real on what she WANTED her life to look like and ultimately ended up developing an incredibly fulfilling Network Marketing career affiliated with Team Beachbody, changing the trajectory of her life, and making the massive IMPACT on the world that she knew in her heart she was MEANT to make. 

In this episode, Kacia shares about the importance of being INTENTIONAL with your thoughts, actions, and following your heart.  She talks about how she wants to feel and how she wants to make others feel.  She talks about how she honors her relationships and friendships.  She talks about how empowering it is to know that we have all these different platforms upon which to share ourselves in today’s day and age, and being present for the opportunities is such a gift.

Kacia is one of the most vivacious, brilliant, hilarious, honest, hardworking, and FUN people I know and I am so blessed to get to share this interview with my listeners!

Follow Kacia on Instagram @KaciaFitzgerald and on Facebook www.facebook.com/KaciaFitzgerald - ask her about how she can support you with your fitness goals as well as your goals of being your own #bossbabe and being intentional about YOUR dreams!

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