Friends, when I say you are in for a treat, holy moly, grab your pens and snuggle in for this INCREDIBLE conversation I had with World Marathone Champion, Fenway Park Marathon Champion, Day Care Owner, Ice Cream Shop Owner, and most importantly MOM, Becca Pizzi.

Becca is from Belmont, MA and loves where she lives so much.  A couple years ago, she answered the call of a deep stirring within her to complete seven marathons on seven continents in seven days- oh, and she did this TWICE and was the female champion of both events! 

We talked all things in this episode:
-On being a mom, her greatest joy, Becca said, "Every time I leave her, I make it worth it."
-On HOW to do all the things, Becca said, "Lean on your village".
-On causing the ripple effect and answering the calling of your soul Becca said, "Find YOUR World Marathon Challenge."
-And on HOW to do all of this, Becca said, "Find your reason."

This conversation literally blew me away as I was having it and I KNOW it will resonate so deeply with you! 

Please find Becca (and sign up for the Becca Pizzi road race that happens in April!!) at http://www.beccapizzi.com/