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On today's episode of Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz, I had the INCREDIBLE opportunity to speak with Motivational Speaker and Author, Silvia Turonova.  This conversation was one where the listener quite literally FEELS like they are a gorgeous fly on the wall during a true girlfriend's conversation where we talk about pain, vulnerability, courage, overcoming, and choosing to rise above obstacles and circumstances to change the world.  

The author of the self-published book "The Courage Within You", Silvia shares about the struggles she had growing up in a home in Slovakia where abuse and alcoholism played a majorly oppressive role in her life.  She talks about the brave decision she made to follow her intuition and come to the United States and then the grief and painful time period she stepped into shortly thereafter.  

Silvia shares her personal thoughts and feelings on self-care, forgiveness, and the importance of asking "What's IN THIS for me?" rather than falling victim to circumstances.  

Please follow Silvia on facebook at www.facebook.com/silviaturonovapage , on Instagram @silvia.turonova, and her website https://www.silviaturon.com/

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