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In today's episode of Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz I really held space for myself as I shared about a very raw moment I had in the car, with my sons sleeping in the backseat, as I poured my heart out to my business partners and soul sisters on a group coaching call. 

I bawled my eyes out as I let the story that is my very real and painful healing journey come to the surface.  Currently, I am going through Physical Therapy for my pelvic floor and with that has come the release of some deeply rooted tension I have been carrying around for decades.  I have suffered from IBS, easy weight gain, hormonal imbalances, and lower back pain for as long as I can remember, and it all stems from walking around gripping in my abdominal area for my entire life.  

I shared about how I am going through therapy that is physically demanding, but also, emotionally draining and I also shared, through my sobs, that I am so proud of myself for doing this work because I KNOW there is freedom on the other side.  

Please enjoy this episode- my hope is that it allows for you to dig into the places where you DESERVE to start healing and guides you to the freedom that is on the other side! 

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