Episode 37: Top Takeaways from my Business Mastermind Retreat

Morning Sunshine.png

In today's episode I get super clear with you what my MISSION is.  I was able to have such an soul and business expansion while on the Mastermind Retreat that my business coach led at the beginning of February, and it is in this episode I share with you that we are not just building a BUSINESS here, friends, we are building a LIFE!

I share how important I feel it is to align and feel empowered in our True Selves so that we can build a business that provides a safe space for us to serve others in.  

I also share the behind the scenes of the biggest takeaways I experienced: 
1. Certainty
2. Clarity
3. Concise

In this episode I get raw about all the emotions that came up and how I stepped fully into the fact that I'm not just ready for the next level- I'm here! 

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