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Hello friends! In this episode of "Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz" I talked about SPACE CREATION.  I talked about my own personal DEEP stirring to create space for myself in justttt about every area of life.  

Physically I was feeling claustrophobic in my home.  
None of my clothes felt good to wear anymore.
My business was feeling hindered by not having the proper tools within which to connect (namely, my phone).
My physical body and mind felt cluttered with ailments I have been suffering from for a long time, and the constant thoughts and shatters that I "should" do something about them. 

So, I created space.  Suddenly it occurred to me that if I wanted to welcome in newness: area to move, clothes that fit (energetically and physically) me for this time in my life, clients, and healing... I needed to open up the opportunity for those things to ENTER but creating space for them.  

In this episode I go in to what I did in order to give you thoughts on what you can do to contribute to your own upleveling and space creation.  

And if you are feeling like you are ready to welcome in new learning and growth opportunities for yourself, to best discovery who you are and how to build a business based on that, then head to www.jillianbolanz.com/academy and learn about what is available to you! Create space and then welcome in what you are ready for... and you are ready to shine!