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In light of the recent school shooting tragedy in Florida, I think it's time to talk about the GIFTS we have and how we have the capacity to actually change the collective consciousness of the world.  Today I want to explain to you what it means to "do the inner work" and why that is SO important.  

Yes, we need laws to be changed.  Yes, we need reforms.  But no longer is it acceptable to sit around and wait.  No longer is it acceptiable for our children to grow up in the world where they think violence is the norm. 

And the only way they will recognize that TRUTH, HONESTY, and LOVE are not just the norms but they are THERE, within us already, is if we go first.  We need to do the things necessary to heal, to let go of what is holding us back, and to spread our light in the world.  That will teach everyone else, by example that they can do it too.

In this episode we go deep and I give you some actual ideas on HOW to do this inner work and what will come of it when you do!

In today's episode we will help you define whether or not the way you are tracking your goal attainment methods are in alignment with what you actually want to attain, or is it focused on being perfect within the process?

Are you setting yourself up for failure because you are aligning your method of tracking with doing the activities perfectly rather than attaining what you what to FEEL in the end?

Get ready for this powerful and quick impact episode that will help you up your goal-setting game in a way that allows for you to WIN!

If it's time for you to transition the inner work into the work you GET to put into the world, then I invite you to get on the phone with me and see if my True You Academy is right for you! Head to www.jillianbolanz.com/academy to learn more about the amazing tribe I have created that can help you!