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In today's episode I'm going deep into sharing with you my old story, bringing to light in a very real and raw way what my past demons were, and what I did to realign and give that demon a new identity! 

Recently I went on a retreat and had the opportunity to witness that not only was I currently upleveling in a major way, but also, I already had.  The reality of this was so exciting but right on the tail of that excitement were some triggers that connected back to some of the same old boring stories I have always told myself.  

And most of these stories were about my physical body and body image issues I had struggled with my entire life.  The demon that I have been working on for YEARS started rearing her ugly head- telling me that I wasn't enough... thin enough, good enough, strong enough.  She asked me who I thought I was upleveling in other areas of life when my body couldn't stay in one place for more than a little while because I was either working SO hard or not working at all.  

These words no longer served me any more, and it was in this moment that I recognized that I no longer wanted or needed this story any more,  because it's not even the story I want to tell anymore to impact the world. 

I had outgrown it.  I had also outgrown my demon... but I needed help releasing her and giving her a new job. 

In this episode I explain how I took charge, said enough is enough, and invested in a friend and Confidence Coach, Kelsey Abbott to help me release my demon and give her a new job.  In this episode I will walk you through my realization that I had been functioning my entire life as Either/Or and how I stepped firmly into functioning as and with AND.  

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