Episode 23: 5 Tips to Step into this New Year and into your Truth!

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Today’s episode of “Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz” is brought to you by True You, A Self-Discovery Journal for the Curious Heart.  Learn HOW to journal and start implementing the inspired action to tap into who you TRULY are.  Find your copy at www.jillianbolanz.com/journal.

It is STILL the beginning of the New Year, and I wanted to make sure to highlight the top 5 things I recommend  you take into account as you head into this upcoming weekend- the first of 2018.  

I originally intended to cover these five important tips on January 1st but decided to come straight at you with what was on my heart in the moment.  So that leaves us the beautiful opportunity to carry these forward with us into this weekend! 

You can also find similar tips at www.kristencrawford.com - my amazing friend Kristen asked me to write a guest blog for her, and I loved it so much I wanted to give you a similar version here on the podcast! 

In today's episode we are going to talk:
1. Tuning into what you align with, spiritually.  
2. Giving yourself space and time to get to know who you TRULY are. 
3. Praying and Meditating
4. Surrounding yourself with people who speak this new language (of trust, surrender, flow, and force) that you are trying to learn.
5. Having fun on purpose

Grab your notebook and a pen and get ready to dive in!

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