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In this episode of Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz, I had the opportunity to speak with my friend and Beachbody Super Trainer, mom, wife, individual creative self in her own right, Jericho McMatthews.  

This conversation was a powerful one as Jericho went deep with sharing some recent obstacles she has been faced with and how they brought up for her memories of painful events in her past.  She shared openly and vulnerably her emotions during these times and she also shared what she chose to do about all that she was faced with.

Jericho spoke about the importance of making a decision and choosing to just GOT FOR IT.  She spoke about how lonely it can feel to wear all the hats but how liberating it feels to finally recognize the comfort in ones own skin and start to present as an individual and not "simply" the other labels we are given.  

Jericho shared that there are some exciting things coming out for her that are in alignment with her truth and her as a personal brand.  Keep your eyes open for her website that is set to launch by this spring and follow her on Social Media @JerichoMcMatthews!

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