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In this episode, the listener will get to witness me sharing my gratitude of something I have manifested, something I've been work working on and finally get to share, for a very long time.  To this point, this amazing episode is being brought to you by Jillian Bolanz's True You Academy!

In this episode I asked you the very emotionally charged, centering question: "What's next?".  This question was an engaging, exciting, opportunistic question that gave the women who jumped on the "Goals with Soul" podcast to look at whether or not their goals were in alignment with what they actually WANTED. And it does the same for you!

We have a stirring within us, then a desire, then belief starts to come.  We then are able to set goals to do something about those things and as we look into the future and create a big vision for our life, we get to utilize all of those thing to step into our PURPOSE.  And now this begs the question: Are you looking at your calling straight in the face? Are you scared to bust through the barriers that lead you there? Do you KNOW your purpose?

We get to keep learning about ourselves.  We get to recognize what we've done.  We get to recognize what we are meant to do by way of our own self-discovery, reflection, and growth.  

So, now I ask you this - What would it FEEL like if you ACTUALLY knew who you truly are so that you could ACTUALLY do what you were meant to do?

Well Jillian Bolanz's True You Academy is here for you to be the next step in your self-discovery journey.  The Academy IS the answer to the "What's next?!" in terms of discovering and stepping into your purpose.  

How would it feel to have a guide, someone to hold your hand and actually walk with you down that path of self-discovery? How would it feel to help you to launch a business that is of the True You so you get to show up in both life and business as YOU?

Jillian Bolanz's True You Academy is an 8 value-packed module experience with group coaching calls, guest expert appearances, and daily support in a tribe of women.  I created this experience because it is what I, myself, needed as I started stepping into the truth of who I was and was ready to launch a personally branded Life and Business Coaching business.  

The Academy can be the life changing catalyst that will expedite the process of self-discovery so that you can make the income you want based on the impact you GET to make by being you.  

To apply for the True You Academy, please head to www.jillianbolanz.com/academy.  There you will find two super powerful pricing options that will make this affordable and incentivise you to MOVE... to take ACTION toward your goal, the self-discovery of the True You!