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In today's episode I was open and vulnerable about the SEASONS OF LIFE that I have personally been experiencing lately to allow for you to know that you aren't alone.  I also dove right into sharing that with each season comes different goals.  To this point, it is so important to be mindful that the goals you are setting are congruent with the season you are in.  

I gave some examples in this episode of goals that would not have set me up for success in the season of rest and indulgence I experienced over November and December 2017.  I shared how this season was one of recovery, presence, and allowing for myself to be laid back; had I set goals that are more associated with a "push season" during this time, I would have set myself up for failure. 

I also made note in this podcast the importance of HONORING the season you are in and yourself within that season.  

It's easy to look back and say "Oh, I wish I hadn't done XYZ"... but the fact is, that is something you wanted in a previous season, and even if it isn't congruent with what you want now, in this current season, it should be honored because it was a different time frame. 

This podcast is going to give you a lot of "aha" moments... so grab your pen and allow for yourself to get really real!

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