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In today’s podcast, Branding Strategist and Business Coach, Mamapreneur, and MY Business Coach/ Mentor Amber Lilyestrom is with us! It was as full circle moment because I actually met Amber on her podcast, The Amber Lilyestrom Show (find it on iTunes).  I literally followed every “step” a person can follow in today’s day-and-age… I subscribed to her podcast, I followed her on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BrandLoveCoach/) and Instagram(@amberlilyestrom), I joined her email list via her free gift (http://www.amberlilyestrom.com/gift), and received the email she sent about retiring her husband and it was in that moment that I invested in myself by hiring her as my coach and joining her Mastermind!   

In this episode we talk the full gamut of business progression and what a divine opportunity it is to say YES to the calling of your heart and soul, to develop the life and business you were MEANT to create because ultimately, it allows for others (who are now where you once were) to step into their own journey.    

In this episode I was also blessed to have Amber share her complete story- from growing up with family who always had a “family first” mentality, to being a survivor of child molestation, to moving to New Hampshire, to developing a thirst of achievement that would bring her to being the captain of her D1 soccer team, to dealing with a struggle with food and eating, and not feeling as though she truly lived in alignment for many years- Amber told us everything.  She also revealed how having a near-death experience on the operating room table during the birth of her daughter brought her to this place of surrender and recognition that it was time for her to share her story and serve the world in the way she was MEANT to. 

We had a conversation about our work being so much bigger than “just us”.  Our businesses allow for us to hold ourselves accountable to our true capacity to step into our truth and be of greater service to others by living more consciously and doing the deeper, internal work.  We talked about the importance of unplugging from the achievement system that we had plugged ourselves into and starting to engage with what our soul was calling us to.

We talked about worthiness, doing things the “right way or wrong way”, and giving ourselves our own love.  Amber spoke on the importance of self-care, unapologetic nonattachment to outcomes, and how to make an impact by starting at home with ourselves.  We talked about the reason we get in the freak out space is because we believe our success lives outside of us and that the true work starts within. We talked about the difficulty yet liberating necessary of stepping out of the need to be externally validated by the world and to take radical personal responsibility for our own energy.

This conversation was so deep and so moving and we touched upon so many things.  I am thrilled to share it with you!

Here are some key links that were discussed in the podcast:

Amber donated $10,000 to Haven of New Hampshire in 2017 which supports prevention and education for children who are victims of sexual abuse and their families.  Please visit the Haven website here: https://havennh.org/

To get a ticket to her Ignite Your Soul Summit: http://www.amberlilyestrom.com/summit

If you want to schedule a breakthrough call with Amber please go to: http://www.amberlilyestrom.com/ignite

To learn about her Mastermind http://www.amberlilyestrom.com/mastermind

To witness the brand story we mentioned, CLICK HERE

It was an honor to have this conversation and an even deeper honor to work with Amber and all the amazing people that have stepped into my life upon my saying YES to myself and my truth!

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