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I love living my life in congruence with the word EXCITEMENT.  We GET to do whatever it is we WANT to do.  We GET to choose.  And quite honestly, I get EXCITED about the ability to choose.  

I let excitement fuel everything.  Whether it is something grandiose or something quiet, we get to allow for excitement to be our guiding force.  

During this conversation I dive into getting EXCITED about taking care of our bodies.  I talk about how much fun it can be to introduce new challenges and changes into nutrition, exercise, and self-care.  Often times when we start something new, we FEEL the excitement about what is coming but then that excitement dwindles as we don't get results immediately.  Today, I talked about letting excitement lead you through the STEPS, not just the first step, of a journey.  

Choose to keep your excitement up, trust the process, and feel the deep sweetness of the results that are coming to you!

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