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Friends, I am so excited to introduce you to my dear friend, Lauren Capizzo, Speaking Coach and Online Visibility Strategist.  Lauren helps women to build confidence in their words and in their voice in the most vulnerable times of their professional lives/ with their businesses.  This could include a signature speech or presentation, increasing visibility using video online for a personal brand, job interviews, annual reviews, negotiations, or sales pitches.  She helps them with being intentional about the words they choose to use about themselves.  And when she speaks about all of this you can FEEL how MAGICAL this work is to her.  

Lauren understood from an early age, the POWER of words, including the words you use and the ones you don't use.  

In this episode Lauren shares her story to a depth that, as she says, she has never gone to before.  She shares her own personal path by way of struggles that she overcame as a child.  She talks about the rejection she experienced in the world of performance.  Then she shared how that all lead her to appreciating the power that words and speaking has.  

She is raw, real, and oh so relatable and I am so grateful she WENT THERE.

She stood resolute on NEEDING to speak out truth... the importance of NEEDING to be the one to go first... because WE are valuable.  She sees people and she allows for them to bring themselves to the surface and then speak it to the world.  

Lauren also gives tips and examples of words that she hears a lot that we have the opportunity to eliminate from our vocabulary so that we don't frame and diminish who we are in front of other people.  Tune in to catch the words!

We talk about being 100% committed to our words so that we don't have to worry about it going forward. We have the opportunity to do this through practicing and with the knowledge that when we do this, we give ourselves the opportunity to be all there, with ourselves.  

We talked self-care, gratitude, what to do when we don't want to miss out on anything.  

This conversation is a pivotal one if you are looking to FIND your voice and are ready to step into it.  

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Finally, Lauren will be partnering with a couple other powerhouse voice, speaking, and visibility mentor entrepreneurs over this year for crafting your signature speech and signature story and that will be posted and unveiled on www.laurencapizzo.com.  

Lauren, thank you for giving my tribe SUCH incredible words, energy, and light during this conversation.  It was pure joy to share this morning with you! 

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