Episode 20: THREE MORE DAYS!

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WHEW! Here we are! December 29th- three days left before the clean slate of a fresh new year… but that’s just it isn’t it? WE HAVE THREE DAYS LEFT!

What is it this year that you did NOT achieve? I invite you to ask yourself WHY you didn’t achieve it! Is it important to you? Is it a goal you thought you “should” set for yourself rather than really wanted to set for yourself? Perhaps these final three days of 2017 will give you opportunity to reflect upon if you really WANT to bring those goals with you into another year!

Also… Friends, we still have three days! What small things can you check off your list this year that will allow for you to finish the year and start next year feeling accomplished and proud? Do it! Don’t just flush this weekend away… utilize it, and show up in the way you WANT to show up! Here’s to 2018… but here’s to finishing 2017 strong!

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