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In this episode, after STARTING WITH GRATITUDE… ALWAYS… We dove right into PERFECTION. 

Put simply, perfection is an illusion.  It is so important to me to share always focus on PROGRESS and not PERFECTION and holding myself to a standard of JOY rather than perfection.  Why? Well first of all, I want to feel HAPPY.  When I am holding myself to the unattainable standard of perfection, I feel like I am failing… and living life with a feeling of failure does not equate to a feeling of happiness.

Further than that though, perfection is nothing because what is PERFECT to me may sounds downright miserable to you.  Perfection is subjective because we all have our own styles, desires, hopes, and priorities. 

So, let’s cruise through this final week of December, as we wrap up Christmas and step into New Years, releasing ourselves from the bonds and illusions of perfection!

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