Life cannot continue to be what it once was.  You feel me don’t you, my love?

Soul Sister,

You who have depended on the blueprint given to you by some dude to cram into the Patriarchal 24 hour schedule, and it just never seemed to fit you (not for lack of trying)…

You who have tried out all the personal development books and “how-to” programs, but there always seemed to be something missing…

You who have measured your success based on all that you produce, and though you seem to nail it everytime, something feels empty…

You cannot continue to function this way because what’s missing from this equation is YOU and the natural cycle that churns within you

I know this may be new – or seem too easy – but everything you need is already inside you and is being guided by the moon!

You don’t need someone else’s blueprint- all you need is to sync up that deep knowing within you to the natural, ever- present, divine feminine connected, blueprint of Mumma Moon!

Girlfriend, you were meant to wax and wane, do and be, ebb and flow, just as Mumma Moon does…

And in the Moon Cycle Collective, I’m going to show you how!

Join the Moon Cycle Collective

Some questions to consider to prove to you that the Moon Cycle Collective is exactly what you need:

  • Do you feel pressure to constantly be in GO mode, and though you’d like to rest, you feel like the world will fall to pieces around you (or even deeper still, that the people in your life will stop loving you) if you stop?
  • Do you feel friggin exhausted during different times of the month and, unable to make sense of it, you just keep pushing through?
  • Do you crave different foods and forms of exercise at different times but don’t give yourself permission to eat or move intuitively because that will mess with your plan?
  • Do you feel guilty when you want to do something different than everyone else around you simply because “it feels right” within you?

Ya, I get it… that was me too… This can all be released for you… Okay, a few more questions for ya:

  • How would it feel to recommit to Mother Nature and the natural cycles (that you are already connected to, though you’ve probably numbed them out) she provides, and live your life according to those cycles?
  • How would it feel to slow down ON PURPOSE and know that that is just as productive as taking action?
  • How would it feel if your action was ALIGNED and INSPIRED, rather than forced and half-assed (which tends to happen when you’re friggin tired)?
  • What if you got to the root of your go-to flavor of self-sabotage by understanding the energy that the moon, in all her energetic brilliance, is asking you to focus on and release?
  • How would it feel to leverage the moon’s energy and incorporate it into your body to allow for you to eat, exercise, socialize, and LIVE intuitively, rather than trying to force yourself into society’s unrealistically small box?

You can sync your body to the moon.  You can wax and wane and live a RIDICULOUSLY abundant life because of honoring your cycles.  You can stop working so damn hard and have FUN in this life you get to live.  

Are you ready?

You’ve been waiting to say yes to yourself in this way. 

Now’s your chance! Join Now!

What’s is the Moon Cycle Collective (MCC)?

It’s the space you’ve been waiting for.
It’s a membership community where you will both learn about all things Mumma-Moon and experience the opportunity to connect to her through moon-specific meditations.
It’s an online community (held on Facebook) where your individual questions about your life experience will be answered within the group so that you can deepen your personal connection & cycle to the moon alongside other women who are feeling this call to get back to cyclicality right alongside you.
It’s a place of self-transformation and guidance on intuitive living.

What do you get as a MCC Member?

  • VIP Full Moon Membership ($149/month payment) soul sisters get:
    • Two powerfully aligned moon meditations every moon cycle (month) to help you embody the fullness of THAT moon’s power
    • Access to the Moon Vault that is filled with in-depth trainings about the moon phases, moon magic, and that will teach you how to connect with the moon in your own sacred body
    • Access to an exclusive Moon Phase Meditation library to help your alignment to Mumma Moon at anytime
    • An exclusive, intimate, divine feminine embodiment group coaching call each month to intuitively guide you through your life experience

I’m in! Choose membership level here!

No, life can’t ever be what it once was again, but if you’ve been feeling the stirring to reconnect to what feels easy, restorative, natural, and stress free… it gets to be better than you ever imagined!

And The Moon Cycle Collective is will help you reconnect to it!

Join Now!