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Email Newsletter! 


Hey Maine Mamas! I'm Jillian (picture here so you can put a face to the name!)- founder of the Maine Mamapreneur Collective and wanted to create this email newsletter list to keep us all connected on future goings-on and opportunities we will create together.  The reality is, Facebook could be shut down at any time (can't imagine that world, but still!) so in case Zuckerberg makes a move, I'd love to keep us all connected via email.  I foresee A LOT for this group... future events with and without kids (and with and without wine, perhaps?!)... collaboration opportunities... and an ever increasing chance to grow our collective reach with our businesses! If you'd like to be kept up to speed, please sign up here! 

*If you have anything you would ever like added to this email... events, opportunities, trainings, thoughts... please email me at and I'm happy to get you and your content sharing with our amazing tribe!