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Wouldn't it be AWESOME if we lived life according to what we felt PULLED toward, rather than living through force, push, and exhaustion
to appease what we "should do"?

I see you, you've been feeling this pull...
this desire to flow, to create, and to live with ease...
but you have no idea HOW to break the cycle of grinding through life.


You're looking to re-ignite your laughter and happiness,
but it all seems so out of reach...


What if I told you that I could support you in creating a life of laughter, happiness, joy, and abundance?



What if I coached you through YOUR specific life "stuff" and also introduced you to concepts like the lunar cycle and how the moon impacts your energy?



What if you learned to live YOUR best life according to the abundance that is swirling around you right now?

Details for the Laughter and
Lunar Cycle Life Coaching Intensive

Dates: Thursday, July 12th - Saturday, August 11 (new moon to new moon)

This is for you if:

  • You are looking to experience Life Coaching in a way that is unlike any other

  • You want to experience a Life Coaching "intensive" in order to try it out, without committing to a long term, higher investment package just yet

  • You have a goal of enhancing happiness and reigniting joy in your life

  • You are ready to tap into your soul's purpose (or at least find out what that means)

  • You are interested in learning more about the moon cycle and how it impacts our energy, mindset, abundance, and life!

What you will get

  • Private group setting, from July's New Moon - August's New Moon, with daily coaching and interaction within the group

  • 4 weekly group calls

  • 1 private one to one Life Coaching call

  • Introduction to meditation, journaling, crystals, asking for signs, tarot/ oracle cards, spirit animals and lunar cycle energy

  • Guidance on how to live your happiest life



If you are ready to experience
Life Coaching to help you
rediscover your happiness and
 give you the tools to sync with the
abundant energies that surround us... 



In order to make this beautiful, Life Coaching opportunity that is unlike any other, super accessible for the astronomical value you will receive,
we have two payment options!

Select this button to experience the Laughter and Lunar Cycle Life Coaching Intensive for the incredible one time price of $288

Select this button to experience the Laughter and Lunar Cycle Life Coaching Intensive for three soul-supportive payments of $108



"In this time of working with Jillian, I was brought face to face with my soul gifts and my journey and with her unwavering presence, I’ve integrated them into my being, I’m able to celebrate them and I now use them to cultivate my passions!"
-Amber Cornwall, Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach

I am so excited to Life Coach YOU, to help you meet your specific needs, while teaching our intimate group all about how to sync our best lives
to the cycle of the moon!

Love, Jillian 

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