SOUL SISTER! Congratulations! Saying YES to learning how to live more intuitively so that you can learn how to TRUST YOURSELF and live a life of your TRUTH is the most devotional gift you can give to yourself!

I am SO very excited to welcome you into the Intuitive You School! 

We officially start on 1/11/22 (all the angel numbers, obvi ;-)) and because you are an early enroller, not only will be gifted a savings on your tuition but also, you’ll be given immediate access to my Unlocking Your Inner Magic meditation series that can act as a pre-season of sorts for you until class officially begins on 1/11!

Please select the Payment Option that BEST supports your needs and invites you into this sacred energetic exchange!

  1. Paid in Full – $3,000 (will increase to $3,600 on December 1, 2021) – CLICK HERE

  2. Payment Plan – 4 payments of $777 (will increase to 4 payments of $997 on December 1, 2021) – CLICK HERE


*To schedule a Discovery Call with Jillian to talk about the Intuitive You School, please Fill Out This Application (only available to people who are ready to invest into a life changing opportunity!)


Here we go, here we flow, soul sister!