I am over the Moon to hop on a call with you to hear your story, what you are looking for in 1:1 Coaching, and connect you to the most supportive option there is based on where you are and what you WANT!

As a reminder, I offer the topmost level of support to my 1:1 Intuitive Life Coaching clients.  It’s you and me, sister, doing the deep dive, to help you pioneer a new way of living in Divine Feminine flow.  I am there to help you work through it ALL- human stuff, soul stuff, and everything in between- so that you can release what no longer serves you and help you embody the intuitively-led life you crave!

Because this journey is so sacred, intimate, and personalized, when you say yes, I actually give you EVERYTHING else on top of the 1:1 coaching you are excited for!

Here’s the 1:1 breakdown:

  • One (1) monthly face-to-face zoom call for deep, intuitive 1:1 coaching in shared, sacred space ($800 value)
  • Unlimited access to my coaching via the Voxer app (there is literally no price I can put on the value of this… it’s astronomical… it’s like a little Jillian in your pocket!)


  • Access to the Moon Cycle Collective vault, community, and coaching calls ($2,000 value)
  • Access to the Red Tent Sisterhood, rituals, ceremonies, and coaching calls ($8,000 value)
  • Access to Dream Quest program and materials ($997 value)
  • Access to personalized and recorded meditations to support you along your journey ($295 value)
  • Two (2) VIP ticket to Jillian’s annual True You Live event, as available ($700 value)
  • Access to future in-person or online ceremony/ events as available, (priceless value)

If this sounds like everything you’ve been waiting for AND MORE in a coaching journey package, then click the button below to schedule your FREE CALL with me to see if it’s the perfect fit!

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