February 12, 2018 - Katie Larsen and How to Self-Publish a Book

KDP(Kindle Direct Publishing)
Author Central CreateSpace (paperbacks)
WIDE release:
Smashwords or Draft2Digital Goodreads
Facebook Author Page ("like" page)
Search Amazon for books like yours,
click on the top 100 (PAID) list for that genre.
Analyze the covers-- your goal is mimic (NOT COPY) those bestselling covers. The feel, color schemes, fonts etc... will need to align. What are the price points? You want to undercut them just a little since you don't have the recognition that those bestsellers do.
Reviews: search for blogs in your genre, send a personal email and ask if they'd be interested in reviewing your new release. Be sure to include the blurb, cover graphic and release date.
These are called ARCs (advance reader copy) don't be stingy hand them out to anyone willing to read/review.

Facebook live videos are king right now for organic reach. Use them. Facebook ads, Goodreads Ads and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) Ads are key to use. Spend a dollar a day on any platform. Get targeted.

Drill down to detailed levels on who you want to reach. If you were looking for your book as a reader what words would you search? When a friend says oh!! she's written a book about XXX what words do they use to describe your accomplishment... use those as keywords In the front AND back matter of your book, include the URL for your newsletter list (it will be your best asset to reach readers directly)

Goodreads, Bookbub and Amazon send out a new release alert within 5 days of the book being live to anyone who has clicked "follow" on your profile-- get followers.

Run contests and giveaways (amazon gift cards, kindle fire, restaurant GCs) entry is to 'follow' on one of those sites or to sign up for your newsletter.

Don't be afraid to give out ARCs to people.

Do giveaways- yada yada-- Share this post ( a post about the book WITH a buy link and graphic ) to enter to win a copy of the book!

Have a release plan. It should start with a cover reveal and ARCs (14-7 days prelaunch) 50 reviews in the first 24 hours of a book being live triggers amazons algorithms and they will start organically recommending your book.

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