What do you truly WANT, deep down, for your life?

Deep breath, sister because I know that in the past when someone’s (maybe me!) asked you the seemingly simply question: “What do you WANT?”, you’d just stare at them blankly because you couldn’t remember the last time you let yourself even THINK about that!

But THIS TIME you’ve got a squeamish feeling in your stomach…

Because living a connective, flowy life of your dreams isn’t a cerebral journey… it’s one of your intuition… it’s one of deep knowing… it’s one of your feelings… it’s one of your heart.

You’ve had EVERYONE else to worry about… but that feeling in your stomach reminds you that gosh, it’s time to stop using that as an excuse, right?

Because your feelings matters.

The way you live your life, honoring what you know to be true, matters.

The cycles that you feel so connected to (even if you can’t make sense of them, yet) matter.

Your dreams matter.  

You’ve been a pro at following the rules, wearing all the hats, and morphing yourself to best fit the needs of everyone else…

But you simply CAN’T anymore… am I right?

You can’t do that at the sacrifice of YOU any more! Because truthfully, you and I both know, and you’re finally ready to admit, that stifling your dreams isn’t good for anyone.

I know… I’ve been there… take my hand, we’re going on a quest!

Also… one important note… it’s not your FAULT!

It’s not your fault you’ve put your dreams on mute… the system is rigged so that you’d do just that!

But the societal structures that told us to stop practicing magic, to stop connecting with our feelings, to stop living cyclically, to stop dreaming ARE CRUMBLING around us.

I can feel it in my bones and sister, I’m heading the call.

The call of the goddess to return to our natural, wise, EMBODIED way of living.

And you’re coming with me! 

Because you feel it too don’t you?

You’ve been told to sit down, be quiet, get to work, be perfect, stop being so emotional, set the goal, run yourself ragged to achieve it…


We just simply CANNOT live this way an.y.more! We were never meant to live this way to begin with, and we sure as hell aren’t going to perpetuate this lonely, linear, unemotional way of living anymore!

Join Dream Quest: EMBODIED now!

I’ve got a better way!

It’s time to dream again.

And it’s time to stand in your dreams, connect with the cycles and LIVE EMBODIED!

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I’ll be your guide!

I know you are ready to learn how to dream again… but you don’t know where to start… I’ll be your guide!

Grab your cape, your selenite wand, and let’s go!


What is Dream Quest: EMBODIED?

Dream Quest: Embodied is an eight week journey to embodying your dreams and living the cyclical, flow-filled life you were meant to live.

Aka… it’s AWESOME and just the sort of magic you need right now!

How does the program run?

This program is a self-led adventure with eight modules include videos and work books to bring you DEEP into alignment with your dreams.

This program is run on magic, feelings, cyclicality syncing, and YOU showing up as your true self… it’s the treasure map and permission granter for you to EMBODY THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS!

Ya comin’?

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What you’ll get

  • Trainings and tools to help you:
    • Take a “state of the state” look at your life, embrace what you love, and admit what is ready to be released
    • Get clear about the BIG VISION you have for your life
    • Identify patterns and stories that have kept you playing small
    • Release (mom/ woman/ nurturer) guilt and empower yourself by making self-love the norm for you and your family/ people
    • Create new patterns within your day to day to pave the way for a future of your dreams
    • Bring celebration into your life
    • Manifest your dreams
    • Begin to understand energy and gain knowledge on tools meditation, journaling, essential oils, crystals, chakras, and creating celebration
    • Live according to the moon and seasonal cycles
    • Embody your dreams and live a cyclical life… the way you were created to!

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“I’m worthy of embodying my dreams and living a cyclical, connected life.”


You’re ready

You’re ready to embody your dreams… and I’m ready to go on this quest with you!

Let’s go on a Dream Quest!

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