What do you want?

When someone asks you, “What do you WANT?”, you stare at them blankly because you don’t remember the last time you let yourself even THINK about that…

Because, come on now, let’s be honest, you have EVERYONE else to worry about…

You are SO HAPPY for other women when they are crushing it at what they do, but that only makes you shrink because success, happiness, and joy are for “those types of women”, not you…
You are a pro at following the rules, wearing all the hats, and morphing yourself to best fit the needs of everyone else…

You’ve forgotten how to shake things up, you’ve forgotten that it’s okay to scribble outside the lines, you’ve forgotten how to DREAM!

And sister, it’s not your fault!

You are worthy of dreaming again.

You’ve been told to sit down, be quiet, work f*cking hard, sleep VERY little, be the perfect mother, wife, employee, etc. don’t let the world see your emotional side- that’s too much, don’t complain, and STOP dreaming because it’s never gunna happen for you!

Join Dream Quest 2019 Now

I’ve got a better way!

It’s time to go on a dream quest!

It’s time to remember how to DREAM and take the action that will help you bring those dreams to life!

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I’ll be your guide!

I know you are ready to learn how to dream again… but you don’t know where to start… I’ll be your guide!

What is Dream Quest 2019?

Dream Quest 2019 is an 8 week Program that will help you reignite your ability to DREAM again and on this Quest, you will learn how to turn those DREAMS into your REALITY.

How does the program run?

This group coaching program will instantaneously give you a SISTERHOOD made up of other women who, like you, are ready to toss their fears aside, take off all their hats and masks, and start applying practical tools to help them to ask and answer the question “What is it I TRULY want?!”

Live trainings, Group Life and Dream coaching, tools to release the sh*t that’s holding you back and making you play small, and tools to actively create your dream life.

It’s sisterhood, support, and the permission granter you’ve needed to stop living your life through the lens of everyone else and CREATING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS!

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What you’ll get

  • Group Coaching
  • Private 1:1 Coaching (VIP members)
  • 8 Specific Modules to help you take the wet blanket off your dreams and then turn those dreams into your life!
  • Trainings and tools to help you:
    • Take a “state of the state” look at your life, embrace what you love, and admit what is ready to be released
    • Get clear about the BIG VISION you have for your life
    • Identify patterns and stories that are keeping you playing small
    • Release (mom) guilt and empower yourself by making self-love the norm for you and your family
    • Create new patterns within your day to day to pave the way for a future of your dreams
    • Bring celebration into your life
    • Manifest your dreams
    • Begin to understand energy and gain knowledge on tools meditation, journaling, essential oils, crystals, chakras, and creating celebration

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I am worthy of learning how to dream again and ready to create a life from those dreams!


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The Dream Quest VIP Starter Kit includes:

All the magic, training, and support that Dream Quest 2019 entails, plus:

  • One Private, 1:1 call with Jillian ($500 value)
  • Free ticket to True You Live ($500 value)

A $1,500 value for a third of the cost!

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You’re ready

You’re ready to dream… and I’m ready to go on this quest with you! Let’s start 2019 dreaming BIGGER than you ever have before!

Let’s go on a Dream Quest!

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