Photo Credit: Captivated by Creation Photography

Photo Credit: Captivated by Creation Photography

I’m a stay at home mom of four awesome kids and I’m also a special needs mom and three years ago I found myself in a really rough spot. 

I was depressed.
I was overweight.
I was beyond exhausted- like falling asleep on the couch every day and I spent the majority of my afternoons calling my husband at work crying because I could not handle life... 
I had lost who I was.  

A lot of work has been put into who I am today and that has everything to do with Jillian. 

I reached out to Jillian three years ago, after scrolling facebook, because of what I saw. I saw a mom, who was real and felt like it was someone I could talk to.  It was someone who could help me- because I needed help.  I couldn’t do it alone.

I went from a mom who couldn’t get her life together to SAVE her life, to a mom who now provides financial support to my family, has grown a team, and has helped other women just like me get through their hard times. 

It’s been an amazing transformation and while yes, I have put in the hard work, I owe all of it to Jillian. 

She has stood by me these three years, she has come on the roller coaster of my life with me for the past three years and continues to do it… I mean 4 kids, it’s never dull right?!

I started off with someone who was going to be my coach, and three years later I have someone that I consider a part of my family.

She helped me discover that I have so much to offer this world.  The person I am today is kind of like the dream person I wanted to be three years ago- and I have Jillian to thank for that. 

Erin Morris- Supermom, Diamond Coach - Team Beachbody, Leader of Team In it to Win It

Photo Credit: Fotographix Studio: David Bates Photography

Photo Credit: Fotographix Studio: David Bates Photography

I am a Kindergarten teacher and fitness and wellness coach. Prior to working with Jillian, I could describe my life in one word: LACK. I had very little joy in my life.  

I struggled with feeling worthy..
I struggled with confidence..
I had a lot of negative self-thoughts  
I have struggled with anxiety and that really controlled my life more than I even knew. 

Prior to working with Jillian, I felt like the person who had the black cloud over her head and since working with Jillian my life has completely changed.

For the first time that I can ever recall, I truly believe in myself and my abilities.

I see obstacles and struggle and instead of sub-coming to those feelings of defeat, I look for ways to solve the problem. 

It’s fun to overcome mountains now-
no mountain scares me. 

My anxiety has taken a back seat in my life…  for the first time I have been able to walk into rooms full of people where I know nobody and feel good about myself.  

Jillian has been my number one cheerleader and support system and whats beautiful about her is that she talks the talk but she GETS to do that because she has also walked to walk. 

She’s been there, she has battled the struggles that I have battled and she can relate to me, she shares what has worked well for her and I couldn’t be more appreciative or more blessed to have her in my life. 

I’m so excited to say now I wake up every single day just completely psyched to be living my life.   I feel like the best teacher I’ve ever been.  I have built this fitness and wellness business where I am helping people to achieve results that I have received and I could not have done this without Jillian.

It’s an empowering feeling to be able to say that you are proud of who you are and if it weren’t for Jillian, I really truly don’t believe I ever would have felt this way about me and where I am in my life. 

Lynn Montgomery- Teacher, Diamond Coach- Team Beachbody, Leader of Team SUPERfit, Batman

Photo Credit: Fotographix Studio: David Bates Photography

Photo Credit: Fotographix Studio: David Bates Photography

I have known Jillian Bolanz for two and a half years now and working with her has totally changed the projection of my life, how I feel every day, and overall where my life is headed. 

Before I met Jillian, my life seemed very much like a huge question mark.
I was always questioning my  path..
I didn’t feel good on the inside..
I didn’t feel good physically..
 I had lots of things stressing me out including finances! 

Working with Jillian really helped me be able to master the inner strength that I never realized was there and she has shown me that I can make a better income for myself by doing what I love utilizing my passions and my strengths to really become as successful as I have ever dreamed I could become. 

Being able to work personally with Jillian has made the connection between us really strong.

Jillian leads by example. 

She works hard and  you know that if she is telling you to do something she is already doing it,or has done it, herself and is giving you the feedback of what’s worked for her and will best benefit you. 

Jillian is funny and uses her humor to lighten any situation and even on the off days or days when you aren’t feeling motivated, just a simple conversation with Jillian can change everything. 

Overall, working with Jillian has made me a better person.  It has given me the freedom to be who I want to be and feel comfortable in my own skin doing what I love to do in ways that feel good to me!

Rachel Pelletier- Teacher, Diamond Coach- Team Beachbody, Leader of Team Passion for a FitLife