“You will be exactly as happy as you decide to be.”


Christmas is EXACTLY a week away, and even if you don’t celebrate it, we are in the THICK of an incredibly festive time of year! Christmas is my favorite holiday for ohhh, so many reasons. 

However, just like any one else, I can be triggered by things or people, I can over-do it in the snacking and sipping category, and I can get caught up in the stress of all the “stuff”.

And let’s be honest, not being able to ENJOY the goodness of the holiday season because we are so worried about avoiding temptations or stewing in a swirl of judgement and hurt because so-and-so pissed you off to high Heaven again, is ZERO fun.  

So, in order to help you SERIOUSLY focus on the joy and be present with loving feelings, I figured I would provide you with some tools via affirmations to help you positively ROCK whatever moment presents itself, with grace, fun, and all the feelings that can get lost throughout the madness of it all! 

Below are some scenarios that may have caused you stress in the past and an accompanying affirmation for you to recite this year, should that situation present itself again…

Try repeating these to yourself or plugging them into your phone and having them go off as an alarm and reminder- you know, instead of throwing eggnog at that one annoying family member or stomping off to your room to down 37 cookies and fester in resentment.  

1. That moment when you are convinced there is no way you are going to get it all done… the wrapping, the baking, the card sending, the quality time, the gift buying, etc…
“I am enough.  I do my very best.  I trust all that must, will get done.”

2. That moment when you feel insulted by a loved one…
“I know my truth and respond with love.”

3. That moment when you feel sadness because you miss a loved one that is not with you… 
“I honor my feelings now and choose to remember the good memories I had with ____ and will carry that forth into this holiday experience with joy.”

4. That moment when you want to relax but feel like there is too much to do…
“This is the season for PRESENCE.  Be still.”

5. That moment when your child will not stop whining…
“I am a calm parent who is grateful for this moment with my child.”

6. That moment when you feel stressed because you WANT to be moderate with your dessert consumption but your sweet tooth is physically pulling you toward the sweet treats…
“I love my body and I choose to nourish it with food that makes me feel amazing.”
“I choose to enjoy ______ (insert number that really feels good to you here) dessert(s) and feel proud of my choice not to eat more than that because that doesn’t FEEL good to me.”

7. That moment when you feel regret for something you ate…
“I forgive myself for this feeling of regret, I choose self-compassion instead.”

8. That moment when you catch yourself judging someone that you love… 
“I replace judgement with love.”

9. That moment when you are annoyed that no one is helping you clean, cook, prep, etc.
“Ask for what you need.”

10. That moment when you are finally able to relax and want to take it all in…
“I am so grateful to be present for THIS!”

My friends, I hope this message served you today.  Remember, you are EMPOWERED and are in control of YOU, your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions.  No one can take that power, so don’t give it away.  ENJOY.  BE MERRY.  BE PRESENT! 

Have a Safe and Joyful Holiday Season- and Merry Christmas!

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