Have you ever had the experience where the Universe basically took an energetic stop sign and slammed you right in the face with it?


...That moment when you realized, through all the list checking, achievements based on preconceived notions of what the external world told you success meant, and a "getting through the day" mentality that you are meant for more?!

...That what you are doing, based on what you always felt you SHOULD do, no longer aligns with what you actually WANT to do- and how, in your heart, YOU KNOW you were meant to serve deeper, grander, more abundantly, and more authentically? 

When is the last time you said YES to creating the life you want
and subsequently creating the business you want
so that you can earn and contribute
with a business that can grow with you
as you continue to transform all the days of your life?

It's time to witness and be present with how you are constantly transforming.
It's time to participate in that transformation so that you can create the outcomes you want, rather than just "seeing what happens".

You do not have to be the same person you were
five minutes ago.


Choose to be involved in the purpose of your true self. 

Believe that you are worthy and that you have value to add to the world.

Create a business that is able to evolve as you do and that can provide for your family energetically and financially... on a foundation of love, empowerment, and passion.

THIS is what you were meant for...
it's time to tune in to the transformation,
honor your true self,
and create your life that allows for you to be exactly where you are and yes encourages you to continue growing every day!

You're ready. This is actually what you are meant to do.  Honor it.  Choose.  Dive in.  Believe.  Create.

My Ever-Evolving Story

As an ever-committed go-getter, I spent my life pushing forward, checking things off the always growing to-do lists, and not thinking a whole heck of a lot about what I really wanted to do and instead, focused on what seemed to make sense.

Outwardly my energetic, effervescent, intensely passionate and dedicated personality shined... inwardly, I was in a season of loss, confusion, and the combination of fighting negative self-talking demons and feeling completely disengaged left me exhausted and confused.  I knew I was meant for more... I was tired of the same old boring story of not being good enough, thin enough, successful enough, etc. running the show-- but I didn't know where to begin to change it!

After having my first son, it was very clear to me that things weren't just going to magically start to change- I had to be involved in creating the change! It was time to make a choice.  It was time to own my story and participate in my own transformation.  It was time to get clear about what I really wanted and come up with a plan to create it.  

With the encouragement of the world's most supportive husband and this new found belief that I was DESERVING of turning my dream life into reality... I started refocusing my energy with thoughts, affirmations, and action that supported the true me... the Jillian inside who wanted to break free.  Because that girl, she's got gifts, talents, drive, and greatness to share with the world.  (And guess what... you have your own special fabulousness to contribute as well!)
...And to keep them bottled up, hidden under old self-limiting beliefs, not only hinders my potential and the strength of the relationships I am able to have with my family, friends, and clients, but it does a disservice to the world.

Three years ago I started being present in my own internal transformation and have learned to trust, flow, and create in a way that feels authentic to me.  I left my professional "always thought I should do this" job, created a successful and Elite Network Marketing team and organization, and have used that as the foundation for creating THIS... my own, from my soul, Transformational Life and Business Coaching business. 

I am full-time Mumma, who has created a life along with my husband whom I adore, where I am able to be home and present with my sons while simultaneously building a business in which I can help other amazingly motivated individuals to be present in their own transformation and to create the businesses and LIVES that they want because of it.  

I CHOSE to witness what was happening inside of me and to align my actions to support my desires.  

And now I can teach you to do the same.  

If my story resonates with you- let's chat and come up with a plan that will allow for YOU to share your story and create the life you want!

About Jillian Bolanz.png

Wanna know some fun facts about me!?

1. Both my babies are IUI babies...  I'm not able to get pregnant naturally and I am SO grateful for the combination of modern medicine and God's divine timing as it is through those two powerful and intertwined sources that I was able to conceive, carry, and deliver my two miracles!
2. I LOVE Cinderella and actually don't subscribe to the notion that she was a damsel in distress awaiting to be whisked away by her Prince Charming... I believe girlfriend manifested each event on that journey out of rags and into her sparkling crown by BELIEVING that is where she would end up... "If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish, will come true!" I also have a tattoo of her pumpkin coach! <3
3. I was the captain of my college soccer team for two years... In my Junior Year I did A LOT of failing forward- athletically and interpersonally it was my most challenging year... but I was grateful for it as my Senior Year I felt full able to step up and assume the role of a true leader.
4. I am the oldest child with two (amazing) sisters who are biologically my own as well as an adopted brother from my dad and stepmom and a stepbrother and step sister from my mom and stepdad.
5. I go to my campground by the beach for a happy, high-energy get away, but my heart feels most at peace in a lake house- and my goal for my family is to get us there!
6. I'm an outgoing introvert... yes, I'm the first to welcome you to a party with a smile, hug, and glass of champagne, but I'm also the first to leave that party in order to get some quiet time and recharge my batteries.
7. I've been in a Test Group for an at-home fitness program and it was during that test group that I reclaimed my pre-baby#2 body and started shifting into awareness that it was time to serve on a greater scale. 
8. Exercise and clean nutrition make me a happy human... I don't just move my body and eat well for physical purposes, but for stress reduction, anxiety management, and empowerment as well! I believe that treating your body right provides you a gateway into other realms of wellness and personal development.
9. I love wine.  Okay, maybe you already knew that, but I had to get that in here somewhere! 
10. I love the love story my husband and I share... I love the transformation of our relationship over time and am forever grateful to him for being my rock and constant life companion! It's cool doing life, love, and business with the greatest person you know!