Do you love yourself?

And listen, I’ve done enough personal development throughout my life that, before this past weekend I knew I was SUPPOSED to love myself. 

Truth is, I knew I was okay… I wasn’t so bad… I did decent things in the world… I’m doing alright as a wife, mumma, sister (soul and biological, lol), daughter, friend… but I also can always be better at all these things.  

BUT NOW.  Ohhh my friends, NOW I know that I am here to always KNOW MY OWN LOVE and to allow myself to FEEL that love.  

Let that sentence sink in.

I am here to always know my own love and to allow myself to feel that love.  

Last weekend I went to a retreat that my business and soul mentor hosted.  I run similar retreats in my business and the reason I do is that they are freaking WORLD SHIFTING.  

And after a very deep, beautiful meditation, I pulled a card (photo below).  And as I asked myself the questions on the card: “Are you feeling a tender passion for someone? Does someone special make you feel special?” It occurred to me that the answer was YES… and that someone… was ME!

I felt all the feels… like the deepest level of rejoice, the flood of tears, the holy-freaking-hell is this for REAL right now?!

And then I journaled… and here is a snapshot straight from the heart to the pen to the page to the camera to YOU.  

And then do you even know what I did?!?!?

I sat there in front of 30 powerful women and TOLD THEM I LOVE MYSELF! 

This year has been about healing and trust and releasing the rules and letting the pendulum swing from one extreme to the next and gaining weight and learning about Goddesses, moon cycles, feminine cycles, and the freaking age of Aquarius.  

And out of all of it… I am ready. And I love myself.  


To embody and emanate love.  To let my inner work be seen physically and felt energetically for all.  And to hold space for other women who are READY to finally learn how to release, trust, surrender and then step into and embody THEIR own version of THEIR love. 

I BELIEVE IT… I BELIEVE that the only way we can TRULY be of service to others is when we amplify the love that is within us and use that brightness to lead the way for others to do the same.  

I BELIEVE that when women RISE together, we do so more quickly, with deeper bonds, conviction, and meaning, and we truly let our inner Goddesses Shine.  

Sisters… Do you know how CRAZY it is for me to type out the words, “I LOVE MYSELF”… to show you those sacred words in my journal?! But I do it because I KNOW my job is to guide others in learning how to do this too.  

I am opening up two very sacred spots in our Mastermind right now for two women who are ready to GO THERE… to go there, not just with self-discovery, but to go all the way with learning about their own truth and what they have to do to truly fall in love with themselves.  Additional perks to this will be a ticket to True You Live and an invitation to our Mastermind Retreat happening in November in Kennebunkport, ME- so that you will have the space to experience the depth of this self-love journey!

To be considered for for this, please apply HERE so we can talk about where you are on your journey and what you are ready for! 

This is why I am HERE, my friends… and if this is why YOU are reading this, then I am so excited to welcome you into our powerful space! 

I love you so much… and I love ME so much… and I’m ready to help you say that very same thing!!! 



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