Photographed by  @RayaonAssigment 
Photographed by  @RayaonAssigment 

If you’re like me, and I suspect you are if you are confused as all hell about manifestation, energy, alignment, and all the “stuff” that is ACTUALLY the only thing that really matters…

Let’s be real for a second here… because I know you’ve heard it all before… 

“Get specific about what you want… visualize it… numbers, dates, EVERYTHING!” 

As well as, “Go general, allow for the Universe to do her thing and TRUST”.

So basically… if you get specific on everything you want and you DO call it in, then you’re in alignment, but if you DON’T then you are straight up out of alignment and the Universe didn’t want you to experience that in the first place…?!?!

Like honestly… what in the actual hell?!

I asked this question last week, and honestly, was feeling pretty angry about having this make ZERO sense (if you follow my Insta stories @jillianbolanz on IG, you will well remember how I spent the entirety of Thursday meditating and journaling to get out of the crappy space I was in because of a number of things- but it all started with my this whole concept, which felt so loosey-goosey to me!)

Enter my friend Tory Dube – go follow her on Instagram @torydoobs AND make sure you are subscribed to my podcast Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz because I interviewed Tory on Thursday, 6/14.  

She helped break this all down SO simply for me and it really helped me to step into an incredibly powerful and FUN moment for myself over the last weekend! 

I’m going to summarize what she taught me here, in my own words… but seriously, let me (or Tory she’s got a manifestation kit that is a game changer- click HERE if you want it… I’m not an affiliate, I just literally believe so deeply in helping people with what helped ME  personally!) know if we can help you further with this!

1. Everything is energy.  Everything.  Ev-er-y-thing.  In order to attract in what we want, we have to be a good vibrational match for it.  

2. Ready to raise? Raise your standards? Raise your bank account? Raise the caliber of people in your life? Then it’s time to raise your vibration! Which is code for… GET AS FREAKING JOYFUL AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN (and this is all on you.. joy is a choice, and you can make it whenever) AND STAY THERE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!

3. If getting specific helps you to raise that joy- then go for it, if it provides stress and you start “yeah, buttttt”-ing yourself… then lose the specificity (this was the most helpful thing for me to hear, personally!)

4. It doesn’t matter WHAT it is that helps you raise your vibration and bring you to, what Tory dubs as “Abundance Land” (and doesn’t have to have anything to do with what you actually want)… once you are there, everything is available… so if you want more money in the bank account, it doesn’t have to be your JOB that gets you to that high-vibe state of being… it could be singing, painting, or grabbing a glass of wine with a friend.  Basically, do what feels fun for YOU and be open to receiving all that is available to you when you FEEL GOOD! 

I hope these things were helpful for you- they meant so much to me! 

So, now let me share what I did last weekend:


I PLAYED with my dreams!!! I raised my vibe by dancing, picturing, and feeling the FUN of the journey!

My husband and I don’t have a lake house… yet.

But this weekend, at my soul sister’s bachelorette party, I had the opportunity to have just as much fun dreaming about it as I will have when our family is living in the house we KNOW is waiting for us.

The lake has always been where we have felt most peace- most at home… and I am so excited to now have our first sign to hang when it’s ours!

THIS is manifestation 101.  THIS was a JOYFUL experience.  THIS felt amazing.  And picturing this sign hanging on our future house FEELS incredible! 

Play with your dreams, friends- have a good time creating them and turning them into reality! ⛰️

I honor you so much- thank you for letting me share this all with you!

If you are ready to start creating YOUR dreams by actually applying the joy with the inspired action of setting it in motion, I have a couple spots available in my one-to-one coaching and Mastermind! Big things happening friends, big things! And if it’s time for you, let’s hop on the phone… schedule your free discovery call at!

With so much truth, love, and manifestation FUN,

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