Hi Friend <3

Have you ever asked yourself the question: “How am I EVER going to do it all?”

Hands up… be honest… I’ve got you! 

Well, a couple of things that come up right away for me are:
1. When you ask yourself this question you are almost pre-supposing that you CAN’T.  
2. When you ask this question it is totally focused on the STRATEGY behind things rather than the FEELINGS you want to feel
3. For me, when I start asking myself this question, usually it is a sign that I: am tired and literally need to get more sleep, have added too many tacticle things to my plate without also adding a heaping dose of energetic recallibration time, or am not having FUN with what I’m doing.  

And I BET that you knew all these things, or at least they were a good reminder for you. 

So, now, what do we DO with all this, right?

First, you may already have this but I wanted to make sure you’ve snagged my Transformational Time Management Tool and I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU to put into your calendar a time that you will sit and ACTUALLY use this tool.  It’s bomb dot com and has a massive ability to help you- but it’s can’t help you if you don’t read it.  Want to learn how to create more time for yourself, and feel good about it? Then TRUST this and front load yourself with the time you need to sit with this.  You won’t regret it.  

Next, hop on the Trust Train with me for a sec and let me take you for a ride.  

When I started building a Network Marketing business I asked myself, “How am I EVER going to do it all?” I was a new Mumma, I worked over 50 hours a week managing two VERY busy practices, I was a wife, had a home, wanted to sleep at some point… (haha)

When I started down the road of spiritual alignment, aka taking the time to read things, listen to things, pray and meditate in a way that I never had taken the time to do before, I asked myself “How am I EVER going to do it all?” I was home with two tiny humans, already running a Network Marketing business, exercise was a priority to me, and every second of every day was “accounted for”… oh, and that sleep thing… was still trying to figure out how to do that…

When I started my own personal brand Life and Business Coaching biz I asked myself, “How am I EVER going to do it all?” You know the drill at this point… already had a business, two kids, now spirituality and space was becoming a priority.. how the HELL was I going to launch another new business (oh, and also learn HOW to grow things from the ground up)? Andddd sleep… when was that going to start happening?

Well, here’s the truth… it wasn’t always easy- and recognizing that that was OKAY was the first step, but the second step was that I DIDN’T HAVE TO MAKE IT HARDER ON MYSELF BY TELLING MYSELF I THAT THERE WAS NO WAY.  I DIDN’T HAVE TO MAKE IT HARDER ON MYSELF BY BELIEVING ANYTHING BESIDES THE FACT THAT, OF COURSE, IT WAS ALL GOING TO GET DONE. 


So, next time, my fabulous powerhouse of a human, you start asking yourself HOW… I’d like for you to start doing the following…. because without these things, none of the above would have EVER been accomplished:

1. Believe in yourself.  When the HOW question comes up, simply respond by saying, “It doesn’t matter how… I just know I WILL”. That affirming thought will change EVERYTHING.

2. Remember WHY. Those examples I gave you above? They were all HUGE undertakings and it’s not like God dropped a few extra hours per day into my life to get them done… I just always remembered WHY I was doing them… I remembered WHY it mattered to me on a SOUL level.  I wasn’t fueled by strategy of what was going to happen when I “figured it out”, I was fueled by the emotion of how it would FEEL when those things were incorporated into my life.

3. Take Action.  Whether that means to go write the email, to watch the video that will help you launch your website, or go meditate so you can calm the crazy in your head.  Purposefully DO SOMETHING.

4.. Feel Joy.  Get rest (HERE is where the sleep comes in!), choose to do things that excite you, and have FUN on purpose.  When you are doing things that FEEL good, it doesn’t feel like work- so have a freaking BLAST.

5. Ask for help.  This one was a biggie for me to learn because it does NOT come naturally.  I used to tell myself that I LOVED to do things by myself, that I THRIVED in putting my head down and pounding it out solo… the truth is, I was scared and lonely and didn’t think I was worthy of help.  When this light bulb went off it was EVERYTHING.  I surrounded myself with friends, mentors, support, coaches, and collaborators who I could freely and openly ask and RECEIVE help from.  And that has moved the needle on what I’ve been able to do forward in a far more efficient, time-saving, and FUN way then I could EVER have created by myself! 

Sometimes things will come up that are unexpected.  This weekend my husband got sick and I “had to” take our kiddos with my to an event.  I asked myself the question “How am I EVER going to do it all?” (Run an event, keep my kids entertained, speak on stage, be present with my team, etc.) And you know what I did? I followed the SAME steps above that I had followed when undertaking HUGE life changing decisions.  

It doesn’t matter what it is… how big or how small… the fact is YOU CAN do it all- AND YOU ARE NEVER EVER EVER ALONE… Especially if you lean into #5 completely because this one is EVERYTHING!

If I can be your person, can be the one you FINALLY say “Okay, I’m ready… It’s time to RECEIVE help”… then fill out the quick form at www.jillianbolanz.com/contact.  

Believe in yourself, know why it matters, take action, feel joy, and ask for help.  
THIS is how you do it! 

I love you so much- I’m sending you SO much peace today, friends! 

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