July 24, 2017
July 24, 2017


“Sometimes you face difficulties, not because you’re doing something wrong… but because you’re doing something right!” 

Have you ever felt that dizzying effect when your brain is presented with TOUGH STUFF and it tries to go into shut down mode? It’s like you just get to a point where your mind says “I don’t WANT TO” and you can feel it coming up with excuse after excuse why you can’t do the task at hand.  Your brain starts concocting anyway possible of getting you out of the situation… “I’ll just ask someone how to do this- they’ll know…”, “I’ll just pay someone to do this for me…”.

My friend, here is were I lovingly tell you that not only CAN you do hard things… but you GET to figure them out.  And you know what? When you do figure it out- it is the best flippin’ feeling EVER.

So go do it. 

I’m building a website right now… and guess what… it’s not easy.  I’ve never done it before and figuring out the concept of the flow of a website is tough enough but then figuring out how to actually apply that concept to technology and getting that to work- well that’s a whole different, additional ball game.  It’s like I’m trying to crack a code while simultaneously rewriting it in a different language.  It’s not totally my jam.  It’s tough stuff.  I have sat staring blankly at my computer a number of times.  

But I am DETERMINED to do it. Because when I figure it out, not only will I: a. have the knowledge and b. feel DARN accomplished… but c. I’ll be able to teach others and show them PROOF that if I can do it, they can do it to.  

Wanna know how to figure it out? Here are a couple ways to combat that dizzying feeling of “I can’t do this” and to go out and do it anyway:

1. Play around! 
     The remedy to any ill feeling is ACTION… so go do something about it… and
     have fun doing it.  Try some things out.  Click around.  Turn the puzzle pieces
     upside down.  My point is- DO SOMETHING.  You may actually figure it out
     simply by being curious!
2. Think to yourself: “There is probably a tutorial for that!”
     It seems like a high-five to the forehead moment but, we live in a day and
     age where information is everywhere.  Next time you are trying to figure
     out something that you just can’t wrap your brain around… check out
     YouTube, or listen to a podcast, or find a blog.  Trust me, someone else has
     already figured out what you are trying to figure out- be willing to learn and
     go find the answer!

You are an empowered soul on a mission to LIVE this life- not sit back and let life happen to you because things get tough sometimes.  I promise you- figuring out tough things is not a punishment- it is actually one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.  Go for it, love! Go for it and when you do it, create it, complete it… ENJOY the fact that you never gave up.

Have a happy week, my friend! 

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