July 6, 2017
July 6, 2017

Hey there, Gorgeous! 

First question: How many of you noticed the typos in my FIRST EVER broadcast email this you and this amazing list of empowerment seeking people? (Jillian’s hand shoots straight up and waives it high in the sky… yep I get my own emails delivered to me just as you do!)

Second question: When is the last time you embraced failure? Looked at that big ol’ falling-flat-on-your-face moment and THANKED it for showing up in your life? Here’s the thing, my subject line “failure is my favorite” not only has a nice little ring to it… a cute little diddy, if you will… but it’s true.  Because in failure there are two opportunities and I want to present them both to you… the first tends to be a little more obvious but the second, I believe, is where true empowerment presents itself.

1. Failure is an opportunity to LEARN.

-That email, with the typos? I LOVE that email.  I wrote it from my heart… and what you don’t know is that I actually had to type it out twice because I am still learning how to work this email system… the first one that I typed, wouldn’t copy to the correct template (and that is the one I spell checked <3)… and the second one… well, you saw it!

-But the truth is… I learned more about this new program I am using- and plan to use for a very long time to serve and inspire you and others… and I learned that no matter what, always re-read the email you are actually about to send!

-But I also learned one truth and that is in the power of failing forward… because you see, I don’t actually believe in perfectionism.  That email had DARN good content- but what if I had been so stressed about something going wrong? About typos? About it not showing up at the right time? What if those fears had kept me from actually getting that valuable content out to all of you? What good would it have done for me to keep those thoughts and teachings stuck in my head because I was worried about something messing up and making it perfect?

This brings me to the second opportunity that failure gives us…

2. Failure is an opportunity to TEACH.

-Today, because of the “boo boos” in my first email, I got to share with you my take on always choosing PROGRESS over PERFECTION… and the fact that DONE and OUT THERE is sooo much better than keeping a thought stuck in your own head and not serving the world because something could go wrong.

-I get to teach you that these email systems can be complex, but everything is figure-out-able if you are willing to do it anyway! Just do it… send the email!

-I ALSO get to teach you that I accept the fact that there will be more typos in my future… because that’s me! AndI encourage you to accept and love YOU, right where you are, flaws and all- you are amazing. My focus on the content and filling your life with value as soon as my heart feels ready to release it will ALWAYS outweigh worrying too much (I’ll still always try… I do like to be professional… but you get what I mean…) about having it look PERFECT.

Because I believe if you are finally at a place where you are feeling PERFECT then you are back in your comfort zone and it’s time to stretch further and do new things that will cause you to fail and grow and LEARN so that you can TEACH! <3

I wish you many failures today, friends, and I wish for you the opportunity to learn and teach because of it!

Have an amazing Thursday!



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