July 17, 2017
July 17, 2017

Happy Monday, Fabulous! 

Another week! Another week to live, love, and matter. Take a second to breathe that in. You have, in this divine moment in time, another week ahead of you where you have the opportunity TO LIVE… TO LOVE… and TO MATTER. 

This past weekend I was at a seminar in New Orleans. It was AMAZING. Like most seminars, it was non-stop, it was joy-filled, at times there was a bit of information-overload fatigue… but I have to tell you, I am walking away from this conference feeling differently than I have in the past.  I don’t feel like I have to go out and change EVERYTHING I have ever done in my personal and professional life (#guilty of feeling that way in the past). This time, I am walking away with a couple amazing nuggets- ideas and inspirations that I GETto start implementing. 

And that feels AWESOME.

So, often in life we focus on checking off the to-do lists, surviving the mundane ho-hummery that becomes our every day, and feel pressure about the things we “have to do”. Have you ever used that phrase about something that is supposed to bring you joy? “I have to do XYZ in my business.” “I have tobring my kids to the playground.” “I have to figure out how the heck I’m going to get this all done.” Etc. etc. etc.?

Today I encourage you to reframe that way of thinking and focus on the things that you GET to do.
You GET to bring joy to each moment… if you choose. 
You GET to laugh and be silly with your kids… if you choose. 
You GET to go to that meeting, or create that email, or reach out to those people because it is in those moments you could change a life while simultaneously creating an income for your family- which gives you the opportunity to change the trajectory of your family’s life… if you choose! 

Personal Truth Insight: I will tell you, one thing I have recognized of myself over the past year is that I’m not naturally silly. I’m super bubbly and have a grateful heart and I LOVE feeling joyful… but in small moments throughout the day, I don’t necessarily feel happy on purpose!

So, that’s where I’m starting today! And every day! I CHOOSE to focus on being happy- generating that happiness- not waiting for something to make me happy.. but rather creating it for myself! Because that is the way I want toLIVE. That is the way I want to spread LOVE. And by bringing joy to others- knowing that I GET to do that- that is how I am certain I will MATTER!

What are you going to do this week ON PURPOSE, jillian, where you are going to live, love, and matter?
What do you GET to do? 


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