September 5, 2017
September 5, 2017

This blog is comin’ atcha straight from our hotel room in Fort Myers, Florida.  My boys are watching The Cat in the Hat while we wait for breakfast to open up downstairs and I was super excited to take this “free moment” to connect with you! Yesterday I went live on Facebook sharing that I would not be sending my typical Monday email because as it was Labor Day, I wanted to fully be present with my family and wanted for YOU, a valued member of my tribe, to be able to do the same!

Yesterday was the day after my beautiful sister-in-law’s wedding… we had a free day in Florida to do whatever we liked, as a family… and actually, that’s where the topic of this email downloaded into my mind! We had an absolute BLAST at the wedding… oh my goodness… to see both my tiny humans dancing and giggling on the dance floor was the best ever.  It was so so so much fun… but you know what was ALSO fun? The day AFTER the wedding. 

Because, truly, we have the opportunity to CELEBRATE whenever we choose to! It doesn’t have to be contingent upon an event or a happening.  In fact, I will go so far as to say that there is always SOMETHING to celebrate.  

Especially for go-getters, business builders, and high-achievers… our minds are always looking toward the next thing.  What else can we achieve? What is the next goal? We have the thoughts of “Oh, I’ll celebrate such-and-such when I accomplish XYZ”… but then we don’t.  Because as soon as we achieve our goal, our eyes are already onto the next thing. 

Now, I’m not saying stop setting goals… no way- please do ALWAYS have something you are aiming for, growing toward… but my Heavens, don’t forget to celebrate the JOURNEY along the way… because at one point what you have NOW was once a goal of yours.  

Don’t dishonor your past self by always trying to out-do your present self to get to your future self!! 

It is super important to take a moment, to look back on all that you have accomplished and celebrate what you have going NOW instead of ALWAYS looking forward.  If you don’t take note of all that you have done up to this point, it could lead to burn-out, resentment of the sacred work that you actually LOVE doing, and it honestly, can be quite boring!

My advice? Pick a goal and then choose what you will to do celebrate that goal when you achieve it, rather than just barreling on to the next! Set an alarm in your phone, daily, to celebrate WHATEVER it is you are doing in that moment.  Enjoy.  Be silly. Love.  And have fun on purpose!! 

I wish you an amazing day after Labor Day! I hope you celebrate this whole week through!


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