August 21, 2017
August 21, 2017


Maybe you are a water person.  Maybe you LOVE swimming.  Maybe feeling your body floating, splashing, and being in the water is your jam… it’s not mine.  I love being ON the water… I just have never really enjoyed  being IN the water.  

This weekend I experienced one of the best weekends of my life.  I went on a business and soul retreat- this was NOT your typical business building getaway.  I went in DEEP.  I peeled some onion layers back to discover places within me that I didn’t even know existed.  I reconnected with parts of myself I have hidden for my whole life.  I had an expansion of heart and self-belief beyond what I can describe.  

And I’m here to tell you right now… that my whole LIFE has been changed which means the whole way I choose to SHOW UP in life, including in my BUSINESS and the way I serve, has been amplified.  

All I have to say is, watch out world, because I am READY to make the IMPACT that I KNOW I am capable of making… now more than ever! 

And I will keep growing and loving and digging and serving forever more.

On Saturday we spent the day in the classroom- we experienced a combo of logistical, tactical business building lessons as well as self-reflective, personal growth opportunities through meditation and intention setting.  It was amazing.  Then that night we went to my business coach’s lake house (and in an effort to continue my manifesting, I stand firm in my faith and use this as an opportunity to declare to the YOU and the Universe that I too will have a lake house within the next few years where I will be able to host events like this!!!).

Imagine being with 20 of the most uplifting, life-changer, driven, passionate women… all on a mission to be their best selves and serve others… on a lake, with amazing food (and wine, for those of you vino-lovers, like me!) an incredible view, and an air of limitless potential and opportunity.  Laughter.  Tears.  Growth.  Support.  Belief.  

It was amazing.  

It was also warm and dry and I was quite content to stay that way.  In fact I had even said out loud, and affirmed over and over in my head that “I’m not flippin’ going in that water.”

Until my business coach came and tapped my shoulder and said, “We’re jumping in… are you coming?”

Now, it had been well established throughout the course of the evening that Jillian doesn’t do water. 

But she asked anyway.  She called to me anyway.  She challenged me anyway.  She literally TOUCHED my shoulder and figuratively touched my heart.  She presented me with the choice… with the opportunity, anyway.  

I could stay dry and wet.  
I could cheer those that jumped in, on from the sidelines.  
I could stay cozy in my comfort zone.  
I could do all those things.  
There was no judgement, no expectation.  

But if I had done those things… there would also have been NO GROWTH.  

So I stood.  And I said, “Alright… I’m doing it.  I’m jumping in.”

I grabbed my bathing suit (which, can we just take a second here to think about WHY I even brought my bathing suit in the first place if I was resolute not to CHANGE into it? Hmm… Don’t tell me you weren’t ready to grow Jill… you BROUGHT the tools with you- maybe you just needed a little guidance with how to use them…), walked out onto the cool green grass, then stepped onto the pebble walkway and strode confidently down onto the strong, steady dock.  That dock welcomed me.  It gave me support.  It guided me to the end… to the next phase… it provided me a platform to allow for my feet to spring onward.  

And then there, hand-in-hand, with my mentor and a few other courageous, inspiring ladies, I jumped.  

I splashed into the water.  I came up laughing.  I came up knowing that that jump had truly just changed my life.  I didn’t have to.  But I did.  And the best part was that I didn’t have to do it alone! WE DID IT.  Because when you make the choice to surround yourself with people that want to grow and do life at the level that you do- you are NEVER alone.  

Life is going to present us with opportunity after opportunity.  The only limitations we have are the ones we set on ourselves.  The lake was there.  I brought my bathing suit.  The question was asked and opportunity was presented.  I had spent my whole life saying “No way”… but in that moment I knew that I didn’t have to be the same person I had always been… and I chose not to be.  I chose to go for it… to stretch myself, to grow myself, to GO ALL IN in stepping into the person I am MEANT to be.  

I jumped.  And I’m damn grateful I did.  

What do you need to jump into, friend? 

Look around you- and get honest with yourself.  You have the tools.  You have the ability.  You have the support.  You have the people that will invite you to go for it.  You’ve had it within you all along.  

When you say YES to yourself and to your growth… you will be supported.  When you say YES, the Universe will provide you with everything you need to be supported.  

You may not want to- but that’s why you NEED to.  It’s time to jump.  Enjoy the decision of saying yes, enjoy putting on the bathing suit- knowing what you are doing, enjoy the walk down to the dock, enjoy grabbing the hand of the people who are right there with you, enjoy jumping- leaving your feet, enjoy the splash as your body meets the water… and enjoy laughing and the fulfillment you will feel as you come up… knowing that you DID IT.  

I got you, love.  I got you.  And YOU got you.  Go jump! 


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