August 30, 2017
August 30, 2017

Anyone? Anyone? Can you relate to this statement at all? How often have YOU found yourself saying this and then allowing for the past to stop you from moving forward?

I had a HAAAUUUGEEEE “aha” moment last night as I was, once again, stressing about not knowing how to press forward in a different capacity than I ever have within my life and my business.  For the past several weeks I have been in a pretty big life transition with creating and launching my new Lifestyle and Business Development coaching business. It has been amazing and I have been crystal clear with myself about how I want to FEEL as I step into this new career and service offering to the world… 

But what I realized last night is that I haven’t been crystal clear with how I want to progress and grow BASED on how I want to feel, since truthfully, it’s radically different than anything I have known.  

For basically my entire life I have gone after all that I have taken on with a FIERCE intensity.  I’ve gone 100mph.  I’ve basically spent my entire life in PUSH mode.  And honestly, I love that about myself… I love that girl… I love that side of me.  

But there is another side to me that I have just started to align with. The side that says, “Dude, you don’t have to work so.flipping.hard.”.  The side that craves flow… encourages trust… and allows for just a tadddd more grace.  I love this girl too.  And honestly… it’s time for me to give her a little more time in the spotlight.  


That has been my question!

It’s not easy to rewire yourself when you have always functioned a certain way.  And it is easy to feel confused in terms of how to progress when the impact you want to make in the world is cannon-ball worthy, but you want to do it in a way that is a little more in alignment… a little less force, a little more flow.  

And that is when I realized… by continually questioning how… by harping on “not knowing how because it’s different from the past”… my brain is stuck in lack mode! My brain is stuck in “can’t” mode because I’m focusing on what I’ve always done rather than what I GET to do.  

Just because we have always done things one way doesn’t mean we can’t do things differently! 

We do not have to be the same as we were yesterday! 

Maybe you are in the season that the person you were yesterday is freaking ROCKIN’ and there is nothing you want to change- that’s cool… been there! But maybe you are in the season that the person you were yesterday is awesome, but you want her to switch it up a little bit to better serve in a way that is representative of you now– that’s cool too! And if that is the case, then stop focusing on the you of the past… if you want to do things differently, then do things differently! 

***Let go of the fear that you don’t know how and hang on tight to the fact that you GET to figure it out… and you GET to do it from a more centered, true-of-you-NOW place!***

Oh, and just so you know.  Those two sides of me? Those two mini Jillian’s within? They are ONE.  I may have kept them separate within me up until now… but again, I don’t have to function in a way I always have just because that’s how I’ve always done it.  

In order to be the best me RIGHT NOW, in this season of my life, I now see that it is super important to let those traits all fuse together.  

My advice to you- and what I tell my clients: get quiet with yourself.  Allow for you to be present in the moment of this amazing life that you are in and focus in on how you want to FEEL.  Trust that you are being supported… DO SOMETHING that is going to allow for you to make an impact in the world… and know that it’s okay if it’s different than how you have always done it- we are always transforming, and what a gift it is to participate in that transformation!! 

Honor yourself, flow with the TRUE YOU, and know that no matter what, you are right where you are meant to be! 

Cheers, love!

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