Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Wahoo! It is the week of THANKSGIVING!

What are you grateful for?!

I absolutely LOVE the holidays, and I’m sure you, like me, are ready to ROCK all the goodness that comes from Thanksgiving to New Years… and in an effort to help you MAXIMIZE on that, I wanted to give you these three quick tips! 

How to Gratefully ROCK Thanksgiving:

1. Move your body! Seriously… move your body! Get up and exercise on Thanksgiving morning.  Your body is a GIFT… it is in your body that you are going to participate in all the festivities- do it a favor and get your blood pumping before you fuel it with turkey later on! (Keep in mind too… exercise creates endorphins which make you happy… those good feelings may come in helpful later on when you are surrounded by certain family members if ya know what I mean!!) 

*Also… exercise doesn’t have to be painful… go bust out in a dance party, go for a run, do some yoga… just MOVE it!

2. Understand that you do not have to make decisions based on “what you’ve always done” just because you have always done them if those things don’t serve you anymore! Take a little bit of time to get quiet and really connect with how you want to FEEL on this Thanksgiving! I’m all for nostalgia and tradition, but it’s important not to continuing doing something if it’s not what you want to do anymore!

3. Make every decision based on what feels FUN! Seriously… throw out the “should do’s” and the stress… make FUN the name of the game and watch your Thanksgiving turn into the joyous celebration it should be!

I am GRATEFUL for YOU, my friend! Writing these loves notes each week have brought me SUCH joy! 

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

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