October 9, 2017
October 9, 2017


Happy Monday, Gorgeous!

Isn’t it so funny how HARD it is to make some decisions in the moment, but once it’s made you reflect back upon it and think, “why did I struggle SO much with that?”

Some decisions are easy as pie to make, right? I am fairly certain that when faced with questions such as, “What movie should we watch tonight?”, “Where should we go out to dinner?,”, and “Red or White?”, it might take us a second, but we can come up with an answer that we feel comfortable and confident with pretty efficiently.  

But there are other questions, scenarios, and circumstances that just seem to HAUNT us.  These are the decisions that keep us up at night.  These are the decisions that make us feel like we are on a swing, pumping back and forth between the pros, cons, logistics, feelings, what we WANT to choose, and what we feel like we SHOULD choose. 

And here is the thing… we may make a decision based on facts, what appears like is the best option, and what seems to make the most sense… but unless that decision is the true desire of your soul, it’s not going to feel good. 

And this is the key… the number one reason it is imperative to make decisions like this purely and 100% based on what feels true in your soul is because it is the ultimate provider of FREEDOM.  

You can make the most educated decision ever, but unless it is in total alignment with who you are within your soul, you will still feel trapped, unfulfilled, and ultimately dissatisfied.  And my friend, we know what it’s like to feel those feelings and NOBODY wants to walk around this amazing gift of LIFE feeling that way!

This past Thursday I finally made a TRUE decision on something… something that I had already “made a decision” on… but I kept returning to in my mind as questionable (hint number 1 that it wasn’t the right decision in the first place).  I had this incredible opportunity to travel to a conference that I LOVE going to… I would have learned so much, it would have been FUN, and it was sure to be a great experience.  

But ultimately, it was out of alignment with my priorities right now.  Nothing about it felt “on”.  It didn’t mesh with what my family needs right now.  It was counter productive to other actions my husband and I are taking in life right now.  And truthfully, though I WANTED to want to go… I just didn’t.  It didn’t feel right.  The first decision “I made” to go was very much a logical decision, but it clearly wasn’t the right one since I could feel my heart being pulled back to reevaluate over and over and over.  

So, here is the opportunity, .  Next time you are faced with a decision that you just can’t seem to make.  Throw out the rules.  Get rid of the “shoulds”.  Toss aside the logical answer.  And tap into what your deepest, wisest, most intuitive desire is… and follow that.  Because if you make a decision that doesn’t feel right, you will be trapped within it.  You will resent the experience.  You will feel out of alignment.  But if you make a decision based on your truth, priorities, and desire of your soul… you will feel peace, empowerment, and FREE!

Go there, love.  Go there, and go all in! You are worthy.  And ps… once you make that RIGHT decision… watch as miracles fall into line almost as a greeting party, welcoming you back home into your truth! 

Abundantly yours,

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