First, this is not a blog about physical transformation… but it is powerful to have an image to support a story! 

We all love a good story, don’t we ? A story is actually the best way to learn and to remember facts, lessons, or teachings.  Good teachers will not just teach you the “to-dos” but they will solidify the lesson in your mind by sharing a story with you.  I feel the same way about a photo.  Being able to read, feel the emotions, and take in the message is super powerful- and having an image that represents the way that you felt really sends the message home.  

We are making decisions all.the.flipping.time.  What shoes should we wear? What should we do for a workout? Do we want to go to this restaurant or that one? What time should the baby go down for a nap? Decisions.  Always. 

Today, instead of looking at a decision as the end to something- I encourage you to look at it as just the beginning.  Because when we make a decision, what we are really doing is proclaiming an invitation to the energies that surround us that we are ready for whatever is to come next! 

Three weeks ago I committed to a total body reset and detox.  It was very specific and scripted in terms of what to eat, when to eat, supplements to talk, etc. It was wonderful.  Physically I was ready.  I was ready to press the reset button to get my body back to a place of homeostasis and detoxify the crap that has penetrated my for the past almost 32 years.  

What I was not expecting, but ultimately, I know now was the true reason NOW was the time for this physical and nutritional journey.. was the detoxification that I would experience emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and energetically as well.  

Over the course of the past three weeks every curve ball imaginable was thrown at me.  
I got seriously injured.  
I was outwardly insulted in public.  
I lost a client.
I missed opportunities.  
I cried. Haha.. a lot. 
I battled with decisions.
I did a lot of internal work and had to flip my perspectives on so many things.  

A lot of this was uncomfortable.  A lot of this required for me to get super quiet within myself to FEEL the truth.  My journal and I spent a lot of time together throughout this process. 

But as things came up… it also allowed for me to feel more convicted in WHO I am as a person, WHAT I get to create and do for the world, and HOW I want to do it.  It allowed for me to stand my ground and gain more clarity on things that I couldn’t see clearly before.  AND THAT IS EVERYTHING.  

We make decisions, … sometimes they are hard, sometimes they are easy, but they are never the end.  They provide an invitation to the Universe to take us to the next step of our lives.  Are you open to that invitation? Are you ready to take another step closer to discovering who you REALLY are? Because ultimately, each decision we make can bring us there if we let it.  

So yes, physically I am feeling lighter… losing 9.4 pounds of CRAP- fluff, toxins, body fat- that’s a big deal.  But I am so grateful because when I said yes to doing this for my body, I didn’t know it, but I also said YES to becoming lighter and yet more SOLID in who I actually am as all of me! 

You were meant to do amazing things, my love.  You were MADE for it.  So what do you choose to do next? Because that decision just may be the thing to lead you there! 

With so much abundant love on this beautiful Monday,

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